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Explaining the city

Since spring 1998, I have worked as a tourist guide. It all began with bicycle tours – which, by the way, is a wonderful way to explore a city.

Meeting your interests

I provide in-depth tours of Berlin and Potsdam on foot, bicycle and public transport. My guests hail from all over Germany as well as from all over the globe. About half of my guests to date have been from the United States, some via large tour operators such as Grand Circle Travel. I can adjust my tours to your special interests.

Broadening horizons

My map does not end at the city limits of Berlin or Potsdam. There are many sights beyond them – i. e., palaces (Caputh, Oranienburg, Königs Wusterhausen), monasteries (Chorin, Neuzelle) and other exciting places such as the "ship elevator" in Niederfinow or the Spreewald, a primeval forest south of Berlin. I am pleased to provide tour guide services to any place upon request.